The Sounds of Rio de Janeiro!

The Sounds of Rio De Janeiro |

The Sounds of Rio de Janeiro!

We have been waiting for a long time to drop this edition from Brazil. DJ Edgar who we featured last year in our Q&A blessed us with our latest #RhythmExplorer mix Vol.7 where we get to visit Brazil to explore the sounds of Baile Funk, Funk Carioca, Funk Ostentação and Rasteirinha! Read more about DJ Edgar in our Q&A.

Our passion for this music runs deep and therefore we are able to give you the chance to experience the real “Funk” scene in Rio during the worlds biggest Baile Funk event, Rio Parada Funk in September this year. An outdoor event with thousands of attendants and a packed line-up with Brazils hottests artists!

#RhythmExplorer mixes is a series of mixes to present music genres from around the world, hosted by top DJ’s of their scene.