The Best of Footwork in 2015: Part One

The Best of Footwork in 2015: Part One

The Best of Footwork in 2015: Part One

2015 was a colossal year for footwork, with the rise of Indiana producer Jlin, the continued rise of Teklife’s next generation and the ever-growing expansion of footwork around the globe. 2015 also featured outstanding releases from footwork’s more established artists such as DJ Spinn and DJ Clent, and an exceptional posthumous release from DJ Rashad. In part one we look back at the best of footwork in the first half of 2015, and what to look forward to in 2016.



Dj Clent's Last Bus To Lake Park was one of the album's of the year.

Kicking off the year with a bang, DJ Clent releases ‘Last Bus To Lake Park’ on Duck N’ Cover Records: a stunning mix of warped synths and soul samples, which makes my top 5 albums of 2015 (of any genre).


DJ Clent played SXSW, Texas, for the first time on March 18th 2016, alongside fellow footwork originator RP Boo.



DJ Roc |

DJ Paypal releases ‘Buy Now EP’ on LuckyMe, a frenzy of of disco/funk sampling Juke.

DJ Roc, releases ‘Back to the Tracks Vol. 1’ on Beatdown House, which is peculiarly labeled as V.2 on the cover art. This four-track EP is nonstop fire, and one of the best footwork releases of 2015.

DJ Paypal returned to Europe in the first half of 2016, recently playing XOYO in London, with further dates in Paris, Warsaw, Roskilde, and Amsterdam.

Check out DJ Roc’s Soundcloud for unreleased gold.



Jlin |

Indiana producer Jlin releases her groundbreaking debut album ‘Dark Energy’ on Planet Mu to widespread acclaim.

Chile’s footwork-torchbearer Gunjack releases two-track EP ‘Still Blazing’ on Artillery Recordings, featuring the eponymous ‘Still Blazing’, an excellent addition to footwork’s repertoire of weed anthems.

Jlin took first place in The Wire and The Quietus’ album of the year lists, toured Europe in January, February and March 2016, and is back for more in April.

Gunjack’s full-length ‘When We Were Kings’ was released on his label Repotrax on February 26th 2016.



Footwork originator RP Boo releases ‘Classics Vol. 1’ on Planet Mu, which lives up to its name with six well-loved but never officially released RP Boo tracks. These tracks are some of the first and best footwork tracks ever made.

A year on from the shocking loss of Teklife co-founder DJ Rashad, tributes pour in, including the Rashad-featuring and Rashad-influenced EP ‘Movin’ Forward – A Tribute To DJ Rashad’ by Machinedrum.

April 8th 2016 will see the launch of Teklife Records with ‘Afterlife’: 14 unreleased, collaborative DJ Rashad tracks, celebrating the life and music of DJ Rashad, and featuring the majority of the Teklife crew. The album also features a free bonus remix by Machinedrum.



Day Dreaming |

DJ Manny releases full-length ‘Day Dreaming’ on Austria’s Footwork Frenzy, with the best tracks (‘Baby’/’In Da Morning’), featuring keys and R&B vocals.

Swiss producers Shake It Maschine and Mr. Pigman join together as SIMPIG for synth-heavy LP ‘Strangers’ on Argent Sale, which combines footwork rhythms with sounds more commonly associated with dubstep.

In February 2016, DJ Manny released 22-track mammoth ‘Loud Pack Music’ on Aeronema, featuring the long-awaited release of ‘What You Need’.



6613 |

Hyperdub releases posthumous EP ‘6613’ from DJ Rashad. This outstanding 4-track EP features a masterful follow up to Welcome To The Chi’s CCP, and a typically potent collaboration with Gant-Man.

Taso’s ‘Teklife Till Tha Next Life Vol. 2’ presents an arsenal of grooves and bangers featuring Rashad, Spinn and Manny, and is one of the best footwork full-lengths of 2015.

RP Boo’s second album on Planet Mu, ‘Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints’, showcases mostly old, and some new Boo, with highlights such as ‘Your Choice’, ‘Kemosabe’ and ‘Finish Line D’Jayz’.

Taso plans to release 12 EPs this year, with ‘Cold Heat’ Volumes 1 and 2 already released thus far.

Catch RP Boo on tour in Japan, China, Poland and Austria in 2016.


Best of Footwork in 2015 Part Two