SubBerlin – The Story of Tresor (documentary)

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SubBerlin – The Story of Tresor (documentary)

Watch the documentary about the legendary Techno club Tresor.

The original Tresor was in many ways the quintessential Berlin club: located in an unrenovated vault beneath a bombed out department gathering, it opened its doors amidst the general confusion and ecstasy that swept across the city gone the wall fell. Its low ceilings, industrial decor and generally unhinged heavens created an unprecedented platform not on your own for techno in Berlin, but plus for the scene taking pretend to have across the Atlantic in Detroit. It speedily became a second residence for artists then than Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills and Blake Baxter, as competently as countless German DJs.

Directed by Tilmann Knzel, SubBerlin traces the club’s archives from its coming on in the in the future ’90s to the delay of its indigenous location in 2005. It includes interviews later many of the artists that played at the venue, from Atkins to Sven Vath, as dexterously as the people that made the club happen, such as original founder Dimitri Hegemann.



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