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“DJ Mackboogaloo is providing a series of articles pertaining to Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness.  We will learn the deep metaphysical principles that exist within the world of Music.   Fela Kuti, pioneer of Nigerian Afrobeat music, coined the phrase, “Music is the weapon!”  He understood the power of sound to unify & uplift the masses.  Ancient civilizations knew this secret as well.  Let’s take a look with ears wide open and explore this topic further.”  –Rhythm Travels

Rhythm Travelers… once you break free of our controlled consensus reality you will come to the understanding that nothing in this musical universe is solid.  Nobel Prize winning physicists have scientifically proven that our physical world is a sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again.  Physicality is actually composed of pure Consciousness in motion.  Everything you see is in your head and a lot of it is in your imagination.  You are playing the equivalent of a virtual reality game and your life is a living hologram.  You will wake up someday from this game and realize that you have been dreaming.  You are a spiritual being having a human experience, walking within the confines of Three-dimensional time & space, where everything appears linear.  You are experiencing polarity.  Your life here is an illusion.

Our physical senses pick up very little of what really exists around us.  All matter is energy that is in a continuous flux.  Out of this dancing spiral motion of energy, consensus reality defines what we see, hear and experience.  This definition has created our 3D reality, yet other dimensions do exist outside of what we can physically experience.  Miracles can happen when we learn to transcend the definitions that consensus reality has limited us to.  What may appear to be magic is really the application of understanding & applying universal truths (Laws of Creation) which consensus reality has blocked out of our DNA memory banks.


We have been hypnotized in mass by the social programmers, the “Powers that Be” who have an interest in keeping us detached from the supernatural environment that we are naturally apart of.  They created a synthetic artificial playground in a polarity universe (good/bad, dark/light, positive/negative, win/lose, etc.) for us to slave under.  Mind control/social programming is the most important weapon that the “Powers that Be” have in their arsenal.  We as Rhythm Travelers must be aware of their deception!


Michael Talbot’s book, entitled “Holographic Universe“, breaks down how what we think we are seeing is actually an illusion, a mind trick of the brain.  Our 3D world is actually just a waveform that our consensus reality, the controlled collective experience, on Earth has tuned into, akin to a radio channel.  There are many channels on the radio dial and similarly there exists other dimensions of life which other beings in our multi-universe have tuned into as their consensus reality.  Anyone who has personally experienced paranormal activity has, in a sense, tuned into another channel on the other side of what we would consider to be our 3D physical reality on planet Earth.

Real vision comes from the Pineal Gland, our 3rd Eye, which is the gateway to Higher Consciousness.  This sacred gland is our connecting station to the Holographic Universe.  It is our personal vehicle to literally travel throughout time & space, if only we are able to master its super advanced technology.


The Pineal Gland is our antenna to higher consciousness.  Everyone has one, but few know how to intuitively tune into its magical transcending powers.  The “Powers that Be” are certainly threatened by our potential 3rd Eye re-awakening and they incessantly work to counter humanity from advancing mentally & spiritually.  Their work consists of creating a toxic environment for us to live in to ensure the calcification of our Pineal Gland, to greatly minimize and spiritually castrate the illuminations of our 3rd Eye.

Fortunately, true knowledge of self is bearing its truths and we are beginning to realize that these truths are stranger than Fiction.  Case in point; human life is a wave form and as crazy as it may sound, we flicker in and out of our human form thousands of times per second as all wave forms do.  We are not all physically here even though it looks like we are.  We exist on multiple levels, and on an infinite number of parallel realities, on various dimensions, possibly all within the same timeframe.  Quantum mechanics has proved that an entire atom can simultaneously exist in two widely separated places at the same time, as Einstein believed.


In defiance to our controlled consensus reality, we all have potential to see beyond the veil of our supposed limited human perception.  David Wilcock’s new book, “The Source Field Investigations”, documents that we also share one universal mind, through which, one can astro-project & travel outside one’s physical body.  This means that we have the ability to simultaneously witness, in the spirit world, remote locations & events that occur outside of our immediate surroundings, the room or place in which we are presently occupying with our physical body.

Time is another false illusion created by our controlled consensus reality.  The Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, in Germany, has demonstrated that time may not exist at the most fundamental level of physical reality.  So what may appear as being linear (beginning, middle & end) is actually circular, happening all at the same time, at this very moment, in the now, on various dimensions in the cosmos.  We have the ability to time jump and change the past, present & future via the actions we take right now.

Rhythm Travelers… 0ur universe is composed of music and we are notes living within an illusionary world.  This doesn’t take away from the realness of our experience.  This only adds to the “experience” when we let go of our fears and enjoy the ride.  Let’s take advantage of this amazing new understanding of Quantum Physics and create music that will truly reflect upon this unique time of human exploration.

-DJ MACKBOOGALOO (Music Producer/Social Activist/Prophecy Keeper)

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