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“DJ Mackboogaloo is providing a series of articles pertaining to Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness. We will learn the deep metaphysical principles that exist within the world of Music. Fela Kuti, pioneer of Nigerian Afrobeat music, coined the phrase, “Music is the weapon!” He understood the power of sound to unify & uplift the masses. Ancient civilizations knew this secret as well. Let’s take a look with ears wide open and explore this topic further.” –Rhythm Travels

It’s a pity that the majority of people (including many creative artists & Global Travelers) residing on this dark, soon to be bright, little planet live in total isolation from Mother Nature and her musical harmonics of Love, Light & Higher Consciousness. Our controlled consensus reality, the matrix, is designed to keep us in a permanent discord. We are out of tune! Thankfully, there is a renaissance taking place and information is coming to light that will change the present paradigm to one of attunement. In tune with the universe!

In regards to healing our people, creating balance & health within our own inner world and its shadow, Planet Earth, Vision Magazine published an amazing article pertaining to the future of sound healing, entitled “Sound Trek: To Boldly Go Where Many Have Gone Before”, by Christine M. Grimm.


This article starts out by introducing us to Alan Howarth. Based on his research at the Great Pyramid of Egypt and its Mayan equivalents, he has made startling discoveries about the role of sound and its profound implications in our lives. Allen is in agreement with Wes Bateman, author of “The Rods of Amon Ra”, that the Universe is literally in tune with itself.

Christine’s article further explains that in 2004, Alan Howarth conducted acoustics research in the Mayan temples of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, built around 800 BC. He created a database of acoustic resonances and discovered that Mayans used the frequency of 424 Hz as a Conscious design element of the Mayan culture and its musical knowledge. In 2005, Alan investigated the acoustics of interior chambers in the Great Pyramid, built around 5000 BC, and discovered that the dominant frequencies of the King’s Chamber matched the Mayans; both were measured at 424 Hz.


Towards the end of Christine’s article we learn that when Alan examined the worldwide instrumental tunings in music, he discovered that many of history’s great composers worked with frequencies that used 424 Hz as the median average for the note of “A.” Today’s modern music is tuned to 440 Hz, which is not in perfect accord with our own natural vibration. When individuals tune into 424 Hz they are naturally tuning into a holistic vibration that can be felt throughout their mind & body. This frequency enhances the potential of healing ourselves and the world around us.

Christine’s final analysis at the end of her article states that the tools & techniques for healing via sound are already available for us to use. We are our own healers and have the power to create balance and health in our inner worlds via music. She states that this approach has existed throughout time.
The people of ancient Egypt, the Mayans, and other cultures have used sound to create harmony in their lives and we have the possibility to do the same. We have the power to tap into musical harmonics of Love, Light & Higher Consciousness.

In our Rhythm Travels, visiting diverse subcultures & communities, let’s keep in tune with the universe via Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness. Culture is our weapon! Power to the DJ’s!


-DJ MACKBOOGALOO (Music Producer/Social Activist/Prophecy Keeper)

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