Rhythm Traveling on higher level

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Rhythm Traveling on higher level

 “DJ Mackboogaloo is providing a series of articles pertaining to Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness.  We will learn the deep metaphysical principles that exist within the world of Music.   Fela Kuti, pioneer of Nigerian Afrobeat music, coined the phrase, “Music is the weapon!”  He understood the power of sound to unify & uplift the masses.  Ancient civilizations knew this secret as well.  Let’s take a look with ears wide open and explore this topic further.”

Music can be used as a weapon in the fight for freedom & justice or music can be used as a weapon to keep us in slavery & bondage.  The choice is ours!  To become free we must learn the lost science of music & sound.  The Ancient Mystery Schools who preserved lost wisdom & knowledge knew that the keys to ultimate power came from mastery over sound vibration.

To learn this lost science, we have to empty our cup & our eardrums to the orchestras of Higher Consciousness.  This means that we need to keep an open mind and listen to the friendly advice our cosmic allies & indigenous Traditional Elders have to give on the science of music & sound.

The Pleiadians, a collective of multi-dimensional cosmic beings from the Pleiades, channeled by Barbara Marciniak, in an amazing chapter, “Symphonies of Consciousness”, from the book, “Bringers of the Dawn”, have a lot to say on the subject.

The Pleiadians say that sound is a part of light that carries information.  Light and sound are interrelated; sound being a tool of transformation.  We all must learn how to modulate sound frequencies that we all carry.  Sound can penetrate any substance, move molecules and rearrange realities.  We all need to allow tones, melodies & higher sound energies to come through us, to use our bodies as musical instruments.  When we allow vibrations to come in, we birth & create a grand opportunity for these vibrations to multiply & grow.

The Symphonies of Consciousness chapter further explains that emotions bring up feelings that connect you to different states of Consciousness.  Your logical mind cannot because it is locked into the boundaries of your ego.  Feelings are vibrations, frequency that is connected to the evolution of the helixes within your body.  Sound emanates states of emotional feeling.

The Pleiadians continue by saying that sound is a vehicle connecting you to higher chakras outside your body.  You must access all frequencies & chakra centers via feelings, not logic.  Sound connects you to feelings which allow you to understand the information stored within the sound itself.  Sound carries frequencies that your body recognizes.  We are all keyed into sound and sound vibration is coded to bring information to the planet at key times.

Thus, the Symphonies of Consciousness chapter determines that harmonics can evolve & heal.   Harmonics can open up doors, unlocking information that has long been forgotten.  Through harmonics you can receive information from higher intelligences in the universe.

Our cosmic allies advise us to connect our tone with others, creating access to the group mind, group Consciousness.  They say that harmonious vibrations create a harmonic of thought that has the potential to change the entire vibratory composition of the planet.  A gigantic leap in Consciousness is then possible through positive & harmonious vibrations.


Pleiadians encourage us to broadcast our highest frequency, being that sound travels.  They warn us to have a clear intention with what we want to do with sound vibrations.  This is because sound has a way of enveloping upon itself and growing beyond its original capacity.  It doubles & quadruples itself with its own impact.  Sound stirs energy up, creating a standing columnar wave, building frequency upon frequency.  This powerful energy can be directed at or toward any object.  It can be used for good or evil.  Hence, sound frequencies have the ability to hypnotize others, capture their intelligence & consciousness.  So we must use caution, when dealing with sound.

Thanks to the “Symphonies of Consciousness” chapter, we now know that the native dance of our ancient ancestors, along with the rattling, shaking & moving of percussive instruments & footsteps, created very powerful standing waves.  Realities could be created or destroyed as a result.  The Pleiadians state that we have cellular memory of what sound can achieve.  They advocate that we align ourselves with dimensional counterparts and build bridges of light.  Open up portals via sound and use sound to evolve at a rapid pace. 

This is Rhythm Traveling on higher level!


-DJ MACKBOOGALOO (Music Producer/Social Activist/Prophecy Keeper) 

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