Off The Record: Taymor Zadeh – Cacofonix EP [Premiere]

Taymor Zadeh |

Off The Record: Taymor Zadeh – Cacofonix EP [Premiere]

Artist: Taymor Zadeh ft Matt Tolfrey
EP: Cacofonix
Release: TBA
Label: Mr KS & Friends


Mr KS has released another vinyl-only release with the Brighton born producer and DJ Taymor Zadeh included a remix by Matt Tolfrey. We got the privilege to premiere the full EP that will be available through Juno and has already supported by The Martinez Brothers, Apollonia and Djebali.

How did you and Matt Tolfrey come together?

I’ve known Matt since about 2009, he’s been a dj I have admired for a long time. I got the chance to drag him in the studio when I moved to London and played him some of my stuff, which of course he was digging! it was easy to ask him to remix my track because I knew he would bring another vibe to the E.P which I’m delighted with! Only bad thing is he supports Liverpool F.C haha!

What inspired you for this release

I finished the E.P as soon as I moved to London and the people I have met here and the parties I have been to have inspired me the most. I’m lucky to live with a really diverse record collector and DJ so I get to listen to some amazing music which inspires me all day long. I really wanted something that sounded like me for my first solo E.P, i like and play stuff with groove and some kind of soul to it so I hopefully managed to transfer that out of my brain into track form!

How does the upcoming months look like

I’m heading out to Chicago next week for a month or so where I will be going to some record stores and getting inspired from the city where it all began. I’ll also be getting in the studio out there and be writing and finishing some new material so I’m super looking forward to it!

How did you meet Mr KS

Well I haven’t actually got the pleasure of meeting Jean yet but I feel like we’ve been friends for years! As soon as Jean heard my track on Dyed Soundoroms podcast for pulse he contacted me about a new label he was thinking of doing, I had already heard His productions and loved his sound and thought it would be a great idea. We talked about an E.P for the label, so I sent a couple of ideas and then it was done! I’m really happy the label has had such good support from the start because I know how much passion Mr KS has for music. I hope we can DJ together soon!!

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