Off The Record: Alexander Aurel – Room 101 EP

Alexander Aurel |

Off The Record: Alexander Aurel – Room 101 EP

Artist: Alexander Aurel
EP: Room 101 EP
Release: September 05, 2016
Label: Heinz Music


What inspired you most for this release on HEINZ music?

I have met Franky a few years ago during a gig at the airport Würzburg. Years later we did a studio session together and I recorded him playing Clarinet. When I was producing tracks for another EP on Heinz Music I remembered the recording and used it for Room 101.

Tell us about your ideal with the two different edits of one track?

Playing at the KaterBlau in Berlin is always special – I had a lot of amazing nights there playing at the Heinz Hopper Floor an the Kiosk Floor. Every floor there has his own flow and feeling. When I’m in the studio working on a track it sometimes feels like moving from one floor to another. I had two ideas the same and every track fits in one of those amazing floors at the KaterBlau!

How does these upcoming months look for you?

A Remix for Juliet Fox on My Favourite Freaks Music is in the pipeline and I’m working on an EP with Danny Serrano.


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