Off The Record: Tanov – Phante/Throde

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Off The Record: Tanov – Phante/Throde

Artist: Tanov
Track: Phante & Throde
Release: September 26, 2016
Label: Parallel Music

What inspired you for this release ?

With this new release, i’m trying to touch deep house & techno with a subtle ingredient to take us somewhere.
From a shady landscape or ambient feeling with the first track “Throde”, to a psychedelic place inside our brain with “Phante” . Eric Lemuet uses “Phante” main theme to rearrange the track and to create a whole new atmosphere.
Messy synths , bleepy sounds, but most of all the acoustic bass gives a truly warm remix of Tanov’s track.

How do these upcoming months look for you?

I’m working on other pop projects for Radio and I’m preparing a new release for my label Freshliss Music.


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