Off The Record: Shane Watcha – Larry’s Paradise

Shane Watcha |

Off The Record: Shane Watcha – Larry’s Paradise

Artist: Shane Watcha
Track: Larry’s Paradise
Release: October 6,2016
Label: Born Fourth


What inspired you for this release?
I was watching this interview with Master at Work and Little Louis was talking about Larry Levan and the legendary Paradise Garage.
They way he spoke about the kinda dj Larry was and the elements that made the Paradise Garage special was really cool.
I thought it was a really nice story and coming from Little Louis made it that extra special.
So i sampled bits of the interview and started from there.
I build the track around the vocal, I didn’t want any big elements to detract from the vocal. So kept it pretty simple and focussed on the groove.

How do these upcoming months look for you?

Label wise we got some killer releases coming out on our Zombie Soundsystem label.
Out at the end of the month we have an EP from Ray Okpara & Rick Sanders.
Following that is an EP from Felipe Kastegliano. Both have been getting a good beating from some pretty cool players.
We also have album releases coming from Mark Evemport, Dutchie and Maersk Project
Right now working on a bunch of remixes from the recent Jay Tripwire album we put out at the beginning of the year
On our sister label… Made With Love, we got an EP from Carlo Gambino and then after that a really cool album from Alex Bizzaro.

Party wise we got lots happening in London, besides our label residency at Basing House we got our annual Zombies Halloween event on Friday 28th October at Red Gallery
Massive free party for Ride The Walrus in Hackney on Saturday 5th November.
Then on NYD we doing a massive 12hr party at The Magic Roundabout in Old Street.

Early January I am looking to take the show on the road starting off with a 2 month tour of India.
I decided that i just don’t wanna fly in an fly out but rather wanted to take time out in each country and connect with local dj crews and see what happening, see where I can help and who knows even sign some new artists.