Off The Record: Shaka Loves You

Shaka Loves You |

Off The Record: Shaka Loves You

Artist: Shaka Loves You
Release: Out Now!
Label: GoodGroove Disco


Glasgow funksters ‘Shaka Loves You’ boast a full audio-visual show with live percussion. Effortlessly fusing elements of funk, soul, disco & hip-hop with custom visuals and turntable trickery, SLY create the perfect, good times live show.

Since forming in 2012 Jamie & Marty have already shared the stage with heavyweights such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Craig Charles, DJ Yoda, Mr Scruff, James Lavelle & A.Skillz and have an impressive number of gigs and performances behind them.

As well as their weekly residency at Glasgow’s home of funk & soul; The Buff Club, the boys have played clubs from Edinburgh to Amsterdam. Their first EP, released in 2013 hit the top spot on Juno download and their second, a heavily disco influenced affair released on the legendary Goodgroove Records also climbed the nu-disco charts to No.1 and gained support from the likes of Greg Wilson, Craig Charles and Dr. Packer.



What’s the story behind the name ‘Shaka Loves You’?

“Well, we originally started out as just ‘Shaka’, named after the Hawaiian surf greeting (google it!) as we’re both surfers and snowboarders. We did about a year-or-so as Shaka then heard of some other guys in our scene from Brazil called Shakka. It was a bit too similar and we didn’t want to get confused so we added the ‘Loves You’ bit. That came from seeing pretty girls at our shows and us saying “Ah, Shaka Loves You”. It started out as a joke then just kinda stuck with all our friends so we kept it! Hopefully our girlfriends won’t read this!”

What are some of the influences behind this release?

“We’ve obviously been listening to a ton of disco & nu-disco records, especially the more 80’s end of the spectrum for this release. We’ve also been re-listening to a lot of Prince recently too due to his sad passing so, inadvertently I reckon that will have influenced the mix too.”

How does the upcoming months look like?

“Pretty crazy to be honest, which is great! We’re off on tour in April around Europe, hitting up Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Norway & the UK. Then come May time we’re into festival season where we’ll be up and down the UK in a bunch of different fields all Summer! Check our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our shows.”


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