Off The Record: SEK – Drunken Yoga EP

SEK Drunken Yoga |

Off The Record: SEK – Drunken Yoga EP

Artist: SEK
EP: Drunken Yoga
Release: February 21, 2017
Label: Tahanan


Sek has always been keen for music from the age of six taking his first piano lessons and growing his interest for instrument such as Accordion and clarinet. As he grew up he finds himself enchanted by the raw and abstract sound and lyrics of international and Greek hip hop scene. At that time he has started to buy and collect vinyl records and CD’s and by now he has a large and varied collection. While fifteen years old he won his first residency at a local club. Since then his musical journey have continued as he got several residencies and guest appearances in various clubs Mamacas, Dybbuk, PIXI, Barouge.



What inspired you when making Drunk Yoga?

That Juno pad I used all over the track. It all started from there. I tried to keep it really simple and raw at the drum section so that lovely pad don’t miss a bit of its sweetness.

How does your upcoming months look like?

It looks really good. I’m back at my hometown. Where I was born and raised. I spent a lot of quality time at the studio working on different projects and re inventing myself

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