Off the Record: Sian – Octopus100


Off the Record: Sian – Octopus100

Artist: Various
EP: “Octopus100”
Release Date: 5th December
Label: Octopus Recordings

We talked with Sian who’s releasing the OCTOPUS100 compilation, celebrating the 100th release on this rapidly growing label. Check out his thoughts on the release, ,music industry and the label below!


Tell us more about Octopus label?
I started Octopus because I felt there was no label releasing this exact type of music, raw, warehouse, slightly dark and sexy, but yet suitable for a big dancefloor, always unafraid of going rave style.

What are your thoughts on label’s role in music industry while more and more music is being streamed?
Hopefully the new developments in streaming technology will result in all artists being paid for their music usage in clubs, which has never happened before!

What inspired you for this release?
My new single “Aurora” is something spaced out, with tight drums, acid sounds and a kind of rolling, creepy bass. I wanted to make something that had some real peak time tension!

How do the upcoming months look for Octopus?
Very exciting, we have our 100th release coming up with includes 15 tracks from our favourite artists, a collaboration with pro-skater, Aaron Jaws Homoki, a new T shirt collaboration with FouroverFour and some really hyped up parties!