Off The Record: Modul Kollektiv – Patagonya

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Off The Record: Modul Kollektiv – Patagonya

Artist: Modul Kollektiv
EP: Patagonya
Release: Out Now! iTunes
Label: Chilli Mint Digital

Why the names Wildness & Patagonya?
Wildness came to me whilst finalising the mix, as i closed my eyes and listened,i felt the intertwined terrains of the tune,the beats, roughness of the vocal cuts,the bumpy bass followed by the smooth melodic piano’s blending seamlessly gave me the vision of rugged mountains,rolling flat mountains and still calm lakes…. Wildness at its best…

And with Patagonya,the repeating Arps and melody invoked the image and vibe of the wintery sparse beauty of the place that i find stunning …
I guess i love natural beauty.

What made you make a re-edit of Wildness?

Being a huge fan of Betoko‘s work,the opportunity came my way when i was lucky enough to get word from the guys at Chilli Mint that Betoko was loving the tune,I asked and lucky for me they managed to get him to do a Re-Edit,and per usual,he added enough of his Midas touch to take it to a next level,and i must say its spot on! ….

How does these upcoming months look like?

Things have take off,with the amazing feedback I’m getting for this EP,this has given me that positive boost to finish off a few new tunes i’v been working on,good news is my Dj calendar is getting busy again for the next few months, so i will be in & out of the studio and on the road again for a while,can’t wait to road test these new tunes,would be great to see you there,come say hi…..


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