Off The Record: Linus Quick – Bring The Light

Linus Quick |

Off The Record: Linus Quick – Bring The Light

Artist: Linus Quick
Album: Bring The Light
Release: Out Now!
Label: TKR

Linus Quick’s new album BRING THE LIGHT can be explained as a powerful and intensive techno monolith. Released on Torsten Kanzlers imprint TKR. It takes you back to Linus Quick’s early acid house and Detroit techno-beginnings with ten timeless tracks. Not only has Linus Quick found himself with this album, with BRING THE LIGHT he also activates an enlightening wave of endorphines.


What inspired you for this release?
My inspiration is based on my personal experiences so far as a listener, composer, and performer of techno music.

What is your personal idea of good and grooving techno?
I think that the quality and freshness of the sound is essential for good techno music. No unnecessary elements – and the speed should remain within a danceable bpm range.

How do the upcoming months look like for you?
Everything looks quite great at the moment. There are more releases of my techno music coming soon – on cool labels like ARTS Digital or Kombination Research. I will of course continue playing gigs and having great times with my dancing audience.