Off The Record: Latence – Superheated EP

Latence Superheated |

Off The Record: Latence – Superheated EP

Artist: Latence
EP: Superheated
Release: Out Now!
Label: Playlabel Records



What inspired you for this release?
I am mainly inspired by my musical background which is various: from disco to techno but also from jazz to dnb..
In this release i sampled artists such as Michael jackson, Destiny’s childs, Yusef Lateef..
I also worked with hardware machines such as: Jomox xbase09, Jomox Mbase11, Roland System 1m and Roland Tb3. I also used a mic for sound effects, pops, breathings and vocals.
I don’t want to focus on just one style, I like to be free and open to every moods and ideas i have during my studio work.

Being based in Brussels how would you describe the underground scene?
Being part of the underground scene in Brussels is not always easy, politics are cutting budget for arts and culture, clubs are rare, local dj’s don’t get paid well, party organizers struggles with authorisations and support from the city, etc.
But there is also a lot of talented artists and they are more and more united. The ‘Brussels Electronic Marathon’ is a good example and is a really nice initiative from a Brussels based collective of artists.’

How does the upcoming months look like?
Summer is coming! Finally! and it looks great, we have lots of parties scheduled with the Playlabel Records crew for the upcoming months such as: Playlabel Rooftop parties, Playlabel stage at Paradise festival, open air events and club nights.
I’m also going to work on an album and a live set. Stay tuned!


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