Off The Record: La Décadance – Running/Ajar

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Off The Record: La Décadance – Running/Ajar

Artist: La Décadance
Song: Ajar/Running
Release: September 15th 2016
Label: Grabaciones Girubu


What inspired you for this release?

I (Aron) was arrested outside of Krakow back in Spring. I was convinced that they arrested me for breaking a light post which I had accidentally done by acting stupid just a few blocks down. I tried to talk myself out of it, but the cops spoke only Polish which made things a bit difficult, and to make it all worse I had left my wallet and ID back at the hostel. They put me in a cell with a bunch of other guys who all looked a bit foreign and brown skinned, like myself.

I started to feel that perhaps I should just be honest and hope for the best, and after an hour or so, the first version of the vocal for “Running” came to me. After a few hours, they sent in a translator who started to speak to me in some middle eastern tongue. I replied in English and explained the situation without confessing to any crime. He did not seem to believe that I was Swedish as I am neither blond nor blue eyed, but eventually he told me that I had been brought in because I was not carrying any papers. Eventually, all was resolved after a phone call to the hostel, but then I started to feel bad for the other guys in the cell. We finished the tune back home in Stockholm a week later. In the beginning it was all about me being honest with myself and accept responsibility for my actions… But since in the end I did not really do that, the tune now kind of represents us lying to ourselves.

The other track, “Ajar”, was the outcome of us trying to put music to a Scandinavian summer night. The north of Europe experiences about 16 hours of sunlight every day during summer, and when nightfall does come, the sun barely sets. The midnight light gives the sky deep colours, and even if there is an hour or two of relative darkness there is always a tiny hint of the sun. Almost like a door Ajar.

How does these upcoming months look like?

We are playing a funeral this weekend. Carlos’ old science teacher blew his brains out a few days ago and his wife asked us to do a set. It’s pretty cool as we will be playing at the grand cathedral in Uppsala. We have never played in a church before. Sad thing people have to die for these opportunities to pop up though. Production wise, we hope to have a release ready with Alex Kentucky and Be Adult Music in December. Other than that, we have also finished two remixes for Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza. At least one of them will be out this fall, so we are looking forward to that.


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