Off The Record: King Coya – Tierra de King Coya

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Off The Record: King Coya – Tierra de King Coya

Artist: King Coya
Track: Tierra de King Coya
Release: Out Now! iTunes
Label: ZZK Records

Gaby Kerpel aka King Coya is back with new release after years of silence since his last release in 2012. King Coya is known for fusing traditional South American folklore and Cumbia with modern electronic sounds. The track Tierra de King Coya features the singer La walichera from Argentina. Curious about the music scene in Argentina we asked Coya to give us some insight.


How is the local scene embracing this modern take on folklore and cumbia?

Well, it’s slow but growing. Buenos Aires is a city that remains far away from the rest of the country, where the Folklore comes from, so young people don’t feel that music “cool”. That’s why the mix with electronic sounds and dance codes become essential for making folklore something the audience can enjoy, dance and share. In the other hand, Cumbia in Argentina is not folklore, it is considered music from the poor people that live in the “Villas” like “Cumbia Villera” . In my case I take Colombian or Peruvian Cumbia (Folklore) as a source or inspiration for my music.

For someone visiting Buenos Aires looking to come in contact with the digital cumbia scene what are your best recommendations?

There are a few monthly or so parties like: “Te Re Cumbio” at Beatflow, “Madre de dios“, “Plantasia” at Casa Cordoba Experience, “Llena mi alma de cumbia” at Club Cultural and some others.

I’m always mixing different rhythms from latin america, I found “Bullerengue” (Colombia) and “Carnavalito” (Argentina) very nice to be blended, so based on an experiment I did some years ago with a song by Petrona Martinez and Toto la Monposina: Tierra Santa I came up with “Tierra de King Coya”. I asked so, to “La Walichera” to compose some vocals to complete the idea and it really worked very well.

How does your upcoming months look like?

BUSY! I just came from Circulart in Medellin, where we had an excellent showcase with “Queen Cholas” so I will start 2017 working hard to have the show ready to go on tour. In the other hand I have an EP in progress with “La Walichera”, some remixes (Mateo Kingman and others) and the idea is to develop together with ZZK Records the “Tierra de King Coya” concept which will embrace most of the King Coya’s activities, Songs, Remixes, Mixtapes, Videos, Website, etc. Besides that I compose and produce the music for the theater group “Fuerza Bruta” which I have a lot of work with too… Enough…!