Off The Record: Jey Kurmis – Demello EP

Jey Kurmis Demello |

Off The Record: Jey Kurmis – Demello EP

Artist: Jey Kurmis
EP: Demello
Release: Juli 21, 2017
Label: Onit Recordings


Jey Kurmis has an individual sound that he has established through several EPs on some of the most acclaimed labels. Demello EP is no different to Jey’s sound and style; distinct, dark, heavy bass line and edgy vocals that set his tracks apart. Jey Kurmis has played the likes of DC10, The Warehouse Project, WMC, Sonar, BPM with part residencies with Paradise, Do Not Sleep and Zoo Project.

After his artists defining first EP on Hot Creations, Jey has continued his portfolio with a wealth of releases on Moon Harbour and several more EP’s signed to Hot Creations with others throughout the years on more niche labels such as Kaluki, Leftroom and Material.



What inspired you for this EP?
All my tracks I named in someway after my close friends, and this E.P has gathered up a really good group of them.

Can we expect any remixes and by who?
No there aren’t any remixes on this particular E.P, Burchall is my personal favourite I love the reaction from the crowd.

How does the upcoming summer months look like?
Great, I’m in and out of Ibiza. Heading to Gran Canaria and a few spots throughout the UK. Also working hard on music for releases for 2018.


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