Off The Record: James Curd & Fuzzy Cufflinxxx – Ballon Talk EP

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Off The Record: James Curd & Fuzzy Cufflinxxx – Ballon Talk EP

Artist: James Curd & Fuzzy Cufflinxxx
EP: Ballon Talk
Release: August 4, 2017
Label: Sense Traxx



James Curd has been honing his craft in the electronic scene for almost decade, under the of names of Greenkeepers with Nick Maurer and Favored Nations with singer Morgan Phalen, landing gigs across the globe from Melbourne’s Brown Alley to Chicago’s Smartbar, as well as creating notable releases as a solo artist on Trax, Classic Records, Tsuba and his own label Greenkeepers. Now the Chicago based producer and Fuzzy Cufflinxxx collaborate for their new EP on Simon Shaw’s Sense Traxx.

Concluding the EP is Junior Sanchez’s disco infused dub of ‘Balloon Talk’ where glistening hi- hats and thumping kicks both collide before a muffled melody dances its way through the composition.

How did your first collabo with Fuzzy Cufflinxxx come about?
I have known Fuzzy for a long time from back home in Chicago. I remixed one of his tracks when I was doing music under Greenskeepers for the Chicago label Dust Traxx. I was working one night and had a track going that I thought some fun “Fix My Sink” vocals could work over. I hit him up and asked him if he would be down to work on it and he sent me a big ass folder a few days later.

Detroit is trying to bring back the techno scene to its City, do you believe Chicago should do the same with House music?
I don’t think Chicago ever lost it’s house scene. You can go out every night of the week in Chicago and hear Chicago house by great DJ’s. There are full festivals built around the music. Chicago house has become such a big part of the city’s culture much like the way jazz & blues is.

How does the upcoming months look like?
I am working on two films. One for director Malik Bader and one for director Aaron Harvey. I have new releases coming up on Jesse Rose’s label Play It Down, Repopulate Mars (that has a great remix from Camelphat), Classic Music Company that features Shaun J Wright and more before the end of the year. I’m going to start playing more gigs back home in the states. I also just remixed The Police track “When The World Is Running Down” that my new manager Craig Dimech set me up with. I’m going to keep my head down and keep working!


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