Off the Record: Fideles – Monark EP

Off the Record with Fideles

Off the Record: Fideles – Monark EP

Artist: Fideles
EP: “Monark”
Release Date: 23rd September
Label: Solar Distance

We had a chat with this new Italian duo to find out more about their inspiration, stories behind the release and plans for the future:

What inspired you for this release?
We were looking to create a track that could recreate some of the experiences from our last travels, something deep but something you listen to in your headphones whilst walking, driving a car or simply dancing! So this is why we made “The Love Part One”.

With “Monark”, it was a little easier because we worked on the track with Haptic, he is a really talented singer with an amazing voice and that’s what gave us the main inspiration for the track. Its melodic with electronic influences but never forgetting that groove. When working with a singer, a lot of the time you can empathize with them and work with the vibes you get from a specific sound. This what happened with Haptic. It’s not actually the first time we have done a track with him. 

“The Klopp” was born after a party in Barcelona, but with a different goal. We wanted to create something more percussive and solid, trying to add our usual synth melodies, just to give to it our imprint, or rather our recognizable features.


How do these upcoming months look for you?
We have lots of releases planned in the next months, which we are really happy about as this is important for our career at the moment. Our EP “Ran Baran” on Poker Flat Recordings came out in August, and now we are looking forward to the release on Solar Distance for the first time with “Monark”. We have also upcoming music on Stil Vor Talent, Elevate but now the rest will have to remain a secret, as we are telling you too much information! 

We also started a collaboration with the South Italy based SK Recordings, DJ Skizzo’s Label. That gave us the chance to become residents of some of the most popular clubs of the Italian underground scene including Clorophilla Club, Cromie and Mandarino Club.  During all of this, we have never forgotten the main reason why we are here and how we got here, we absolutely love electronic music and always will. Its very humbling to see your work being enjoyed by fans and other artists.