Off The Record: Elijah Simmons – Delphi EP

Elijah Simmons |

Off The Record: Elijah Simmons – Delphi EP

Artist: Elijah Simmons
EP: Delphi
Release: October 17, 2016
Label: Inside out Records


What inspired you for this release?

Nothing in particular. I started making music about three years ago and it has become a part of my everyday – when I get free time, I just sit down and jam. Most of the tracks on the release were done in September 2015, after having spent some time on the Mediterranean and I guess the images that I gathered, somehow filtered through into the music.

How do these upcoming months look for you?

Little sun, some gigs in London, a couple around Europe, studio time preparing a new EP – currently working on more straightforward/effective dancefloor stuff.


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