Off The Record: Dudley Slang – KCHM2 EP

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Off The Record: Dudley Slang – KCHM2 EP

Dudley Slang aka DJ Reyz is well known within the Ghetto Club music scene in France. Being a Producer, DJ, Vocalist, Graffiti Artist and BreakDancer, he founded a recording studio in the 19th arrondissement of Paris where you’d hear rap, funk & house music all-year around.

It wasn’t until 2004 where his first appearance as Dudley Slang released a track alongside Dj Deeon & Stacy Kidd on the vinyl “The Uncatchable” by Dirty Musik. It would take another 10 years until releasing his first solo EP on Moveltraxx called “Kaïra City House Music”, a 6 track project between House, Techno & Ghetto.

Beside the music he’s had exhibitions presented at l’Institut du Monde Arabe and have designed clothes for both Alicia Keyz and Swizz Beats. Since his first EP his music now gets released alongside the heavyweights within ghetto club music Teklife, MikeQ, Big Dope P, Feadz, TT The Artist.

With his latest 6-track EP “KCHM2” (available both in vinyl and digital) we wanted to find out more about his inspirations and future.


What inspired you for this release?

The release is inspired by Chicago Ghetto House, the Punk Funk movement & Paris

How does these upcoming months look for you?

Will be touring in UK next week with Feadz, Big Dope P, Joseph Marinetti & more for my EP release & more dates will be added later. More music coming soon too.


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