Off The Record: Dopish – Issoria

Dopish Issoria |

Off The Record: Dopish – Issoria

Artist: Dopish
EP: Issoria
Release: September 12, 2016
Label: Incroyable Music

What inspired you for this release?

The basic idea for our new release was to create a sound with a progressive character. We used some of our existing drafts and sort of created a „remix“ which in the end lead us the final version. Our decisions where based on the last festival season. We tried to reflect the spirit which we felt at these festivals. Basically music is used or meant to evoke emotions, so if you manage to create a sound that arouses emotions in the listener, then you have a very good base to work with.

How does these upcoming months look for you?

We got some upcoming events in and around Cologne together with our homebase the Incroyable crew. Also we got some releases planned for this year. We just need to do some creative work to finish them up. Mainly we try to work on our sound by testing different techniques while recording the synth. You can hear some of our alterations in our next releases.


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