Off The Record: Dilby – Leap Of Faith EP

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Off The Record: Dilby – Leap Of Faith EP

Artist: Dilby
EP: Leap of Faith
Release: September 19, 2016
Label: Mother Recordings



What inspired you for this release?
The inspiration for the release was simply to make some dope records that rock a dance floor and facilitate people having a good time. This is the essence of what I believe Mother Recordings stands for; quality and fun. The artwork and track titles are inspired by my formative years spent skateboarding. This was my first real passion and it really shaped me a lot as a person. With this release I took the opportunity to express that.

How does these upcoming months look like?
I have an EP coming up on Bindage Music that I am just wrapping up. I have my first release on Ki Creighton’s label Under No Illusion, which is a collaboration with my buddy FreedomB. I’m also working on a remix for Mihai Popoviciu on one of the tracks from his album. And always some juicy gigs too.