Off The Record: Detroit’s Filthiest ft JT Money – Booty Cheeks [PREMIERE]

Detroit's Filthiest JT Money |

Off The Record: Detroit’s Filthiest ft JT Money – Booty Cheeks [PREMIERE]

Artist: Detroit’s Filthiest ft JT Money
Track: Booty Cheeks
Release: February 3, 2017
Label: MCEC



Coming from Detroit what made you get into Ghetto Tech and not Techno since it was born in Detroit?
Growing up in Detroit I was never a fan of techno, I was more into electro and Miami Bass. Ghetto Tech in the early days began as a style of DJing in Detroit. From the early 80’s Electrifying Mojo was a radio personality who had his own show that would play Kraftwerk, B-52’s, Prince, etc…. This was unheard of for a urban radio station to play white and black records on the same show.
He had a strong influence on Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Sanderson and the creation of Techno. Jeff Mills known back in the 80”s known as The Wizard would play different styles of music in his mix. I grew up listening to the radio mix shows in Detroit where dj’s would play hip hop, disco, house, and techno records played on 45 mixed with Miami bass. They would scratch, beat juggle, while mixing. This had a big influence on me DJing and inspired me to produce records that Incorporated Miami bass vocals over electro beats. Thats how the formation of ghetto music began. It was never called ghetto tech, it was just a style of DJing that inspired people like me to produce and blend different genres together.

How’s the local Ghetto tech scene in Detroit?
There is still a ghetto tech scene in Detroit but it isn’t as big as it was in the 90’s to mid 2000’s. A lot of that has to do with the popularity of hip hop. But i am trying to change that along with new and upcoming producers and artists. There are still dj’s playing ghetto tech on the radio and mix shows and off course in every club in Detroit. Jitting which is a form of dance that originated in Detroit is still big and will never go away. As long as people want to Jit and shake there ass Ghetto Tech will never die in Detroit.

How did the collaboration with JT Money come about?
I meet JT Money through another Detroit artist Sixx Foe. We have always had mutual associates but never meet. He contacted me and told me about what projects he was planning to work on and if i would be interested in working with him. That same time i was working on new material and restarting my label after Disclosure licensed a sample from my 313 Bass Mechanics record. Sixx Foe introduced me to JT Money while he was in Detroit doing a show. I have always been a big fan of JT Money and The Poison Clan. We hit it as soon as we meet and i produced a track for him. I wrote some vocals and asked if he wanted to do some vocals for me. When i hooked up with him the second time he came back to Detroit, i literally had 5 minutes in the studio to record him. He recorded 4 vocals for me in that time span. Booty Cheeks was the first track.

What else can we expect from you this year?
I have a new e.p.coming out soon called “Old English D” on Moveltraxx thats gong to be Vinyl/Digital download. I have another e.p. releasing March 31 on my Label Motor City Electro Company entitled “Motor City Mayhem” The next single with JT Money due out in May. I did a couple of remixes for Fresh Kid Ice from 2 Live Crew. Plus worked on new material for him to record. Did a track for 69 Boyz. Produced new material for Sixx Foe for his upcoming releases. Finishing a new electro record for Bass Agenda. Plus many many tracks and releases in the works and its only February. So you can say i am staying very busy for 2017.