Off the Record with Christian Smith

Christian Smith Off the record

Off the Record with Christian Smith

Artist: Christian Smith
EP: “Blast Off”
Release Date: 25th July
Label: Tronic


We had a chat with Christian to know more about his latest release  and inspiration for it, as well as about his plans and goals for the nearest future!

What inspired you for this release?
I wanted to make a techno track that is simple, doesn’t follow trends, and rocks the house. I often found that the more simple my tracks, the more powerful they are on the floor. The reaction while playing “Blast Off” has been immense. Always one of the biggest tracks of my sets 😉

How do these upcoming months look for you?
I will be starting a world tour for my upcoming album “Input-Output” in late August. At the moment I have 35 gigs confirmed in 15+ countries. My goal is to do a world tour playing on 6 continents and 50+ gigs in the next 4 months. Will be very heavy, but I love what I do so I’m really looking forward to it! 

Don’t forget to check out the upcoming album’s microsite here!

Input Output Tour Flyer