Off The Record: Brahme – L’enfant Sauvage EP

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Off The Record: Brahme – L’enfant Sauvage EP

Artist: Brahme
EP: L’enfant Sauvage
Release: Out Now!
Label: Solid Shape Records



That inspired you for this release?

With Brahme, we like to tell stories through our music. Here it is the fascinating case of “the wild child”. A wild child is a child who grew up outside on the margins of any human society. We have sensed different cases that inspired us to compose four tracks: Victor de l’Aveyron, Oxana Malaya, Hadara, and Marie Angélique Le Blanc. The music of this EP is nurtured by the contrast between those strong words that define the wild child: Human and Animal, Wild and civilized, Disturbing and fascinating, Innate and acquired…

How do these upcoming months look for you?

An EP is scheduled for the beginning of 2017 which will release on the Quebec label DMT records. A new live set is also in work. We are thinking about making a real live with machines exclusively.


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