Off The Record: Big Dope P – Downa Ride Ep

Big Dope P Downa Ride |

Off The Record: Big Dope P – Downa Ride Ep

Artist: Big Dope P
EP: Downa Ride
Release: Out Now!
Label: MovelTraxx



What inspired you for this release?

Downa Ride instrumental was made with the place I grew up in mind (paris south suburbs). The artwork from Rachel Kate Noble is an extension of this. It’s a follow up to my OWSLA & Local Action singles I dropped this year & my first full release on my own label Moveltraxx since 2013.

How did the Hi Tom remix come about?

I discovered his work via Activia Benz where we both released a single last year. I immediately thought about him for a Downa Ride remix. I love his music, I had the chance to hear his unreleased tracks & I can tell you 2017 will be big for him.

Being Europes premier Ghetto House DJ it has take you to different places, what place made a special impression on you?

It’s always a big honor & pleasure to travel with my music, it’s hard to choose 1 place only but I would say I kinda felt in love with with central/eastern europe countries Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia… I feel like it’s really under rated right now but there is so many hard working talented artists (music, visuals…) I think they gonna blow up and this part of europe will soon be the center of attention for art on a more global scale.

How does these upcoming months look for you?

We just had a release party in London for this release. I will drop another single soon & a big EP in 2017 + my radio show on RADAR & touring.