Off The Record: Akken – Drama Lounge EP [PREMIERE]

Akken Drama Lounge |

Off The Record: Akken – Drama Lounge EP [PREMIERE]

Artist: Akken
EP: Drama Lounge
Release: February 27, 2017
Label: Plano B Records


Two Brazilian friends with 10 years of experience on music production, searching for unique sounds to explore the more intricate, emotional side of their musical psyche. Out now with their EP Drama Lounge with remixes by Sonic Future and K.E.E.N.E which we are premiering today!



What inspired you for this release?
We got inspired by our old progressive trance days and those wavy 303 like baselines. making something fresh with our recent influences. After we made a solid foundation and mixed it with soft moving elements, organic percussions and textures!

How did the remix with K.E.E.N.E come about?
Art In Motion (half of Akken) met K.E.E.N.E. brothers playing in an off sonar party in Barcelona with them. We also have been following their work for awhile and we thought they could make a more techy version of the original track adding their own touch.

Many European festival are expanding to Brazil, Have you seen a sudden rise of underground electronic music in Brasil or is it just that Europeans are starting to find out about it?
Brazil is really big and definitely has a strong electronic music scene but we still growing into the underground. As the size of our country there arent many clubs playing underground is really good to have this big festivals coming! Also Brazil is an awesome place to be people are friendly and receptive, foods are amazing and we know how to party! :))

How does the upcoming months look like?
We are working on new tracks and hopefully soon we ll start to play as live act! From the label side. Next we have the new EP of Art In Motion including a remix from Melokolektiv, them the very first release of an young producer and musician, Akira, also with some dope remixes and by last an amazing return of one of the best Portuguese producers, Steve Menta!


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