Off The Record: Agent! & Dompe – House Sessions

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Off The Record: Agent! & Dompe – House Sessions

Artist: Agent! & Dompe
EP: House Sessions
Release: September 02, 2016
Label: Lapsus

What inspired you for this release?
I was inspired by the good old classic house times, like French House and New York House from 1993-1998. I used to play a lot of stuff from this golden area of house. I love this easy filter transmissions and that nice jacking beats and drums. It has his special unique warm vibe.

Tell us about your time with Dompe in the studio.
Dompe and me are both lovers of house music and good friends since a few years. As we both live in Berlin and hang around it was very logic to do a cooperation.

How does these upcoming months look for you?
I just arrived in Brazil for my tour. I come here regularly because I love the country, the people, the food and the nightlife scene. I will be touring in Europe at the end of the year and there will be some great new releases.

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