“DJ Mackboogaloo is providing a series of articles pertaining to Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness.  We will learn the deep metaphysical principles that exist within the world of Music.   Fela Kuti, pioneer of Nigerian Afrobeat music, coined the phrase, “Music is the weapon!”  He understood the power of sound to unify & uplift the masses.  Ancient civilizations knew this secret as well.  Let’s take a look with ears wide open and explore this topic further.”  –Rhythm Travels

It is a crime, perpetrated by the criminal “Powers that Be” and reinforced by their controlled consensus reality, that humanity is divided, isolated and segregated mentally, physically & spiritually.  The majority of people constrain their social interaction & human relations to local boundaries & territory.  Few, ever venture outside city limits.  Even fewer, have had the opportunity to travel abroad.  Even on the microscopic level, urban cities like Chicago are divided up into subsections.  The Northside doesn’t visit the Southside and visa versa.  Thus, cultural divisions in the world are endless and direct access to cultures, outside of our own, are out of reach for most.


The great thing about music is that sound travels.  Music is an ambassador for international relations.  Through music we can connect with our brothers & sisters from far off distant places.  Even though music may be packaged in various languages & dialects, it is the feeling that music evokes which is the real communicator.  Feelings speak to your soul and through these feelings of the soul we can communicate on higher levels.

Every culture around the planet at its essence has music that comes from the heart of its people and can be appreciated, whether or not it resonates with your present experience & controlled consensus conditioning.  Music unites and for this very reason the criminal “Powers that Be” have controlled the media & entertainment industry to prevent music from uplifting the “consciousness” of the people.  Fortunately, with the advances of digital technology, the Internet and the energetic waves coming from the center of the Milky Way, the people of Planet Earth are beginning to break free from the mind control of the corporate media giants, which are managed by the criminal “Powers that Be”.


The musical co-creativity of our multi-cultural planet creates a high vibration that reaches an audience way beyond the scope of our human comprehension.  We have no human concept of just how large of an audience we really have.  We live in a holographic universe.  The whole higher galactic spectrum vibrates in reciprocation with our highest excitement & highest joy, which often gets translated into music.  We are all participants of one interstellar entertainment network with our galactic brothers & sisters.

As above, so below!

The next time you find yourself staring out at an empty audience, look up towards the sky and wink at your whole audience.  They never miss a beat; whether you are expressing yourself artistically or simply engaging in regular human activities that resonate with you core being, you’re heart chakra.  Music is bringing us all together as the Rhythm Travels. 


-DJ MACKBOOGALOO (Music Producer/Social Activist/Prophecy Keeper)

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