Label Focus: Yoruba Records

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Label Focus: Yoruba Records

Yoruba Records is the Label of Osunlade an artist who personifies art, his music as well as his being creates unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom. Yoruba was founded on the ideals of the beliefs of Ifa and has given us some of the most consistent and diverse music ranging from deep house to soulful jazz.

What made you start Yoruba?
The continued need to create the music i wanted

What do you look for within an artist or song that makes it to Yoruba Records?
Most definitely, soul and spirit. i need to feel the persons emotion, vulnerability etc.

What’s your thoughts labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?
I think it will always be the same.. to foster the next amazing artists and music.

How does these coming months look like for Yoruba?
There are a few releases slated for the remainder of the year and I’m completing my next studio album.