Label Focus: WOW! Recordings

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Label Focus: WOW! Recordings

Since 2006, WOW! Recordings has been releasing fresh and innovative material under the house and techno music spectrum. Founded by Amnesia Ibiza resident, DJ Mar-T, primarily as a platform to release music unearthed through his own A&R prowess, the Barcelona-based label has consistently matured and evolved since its inception, to find its niche in a perpetually competitive market and industry. With releases from the likes of Betoko, Mar-T, Valentino Kanyazi, Marco Nastic, Paco Osuna, Toni Varga, and remixes courtesy of Tobi Neumann, Karotte, John Dahlback and Alex Celler to name a few, the label endeavours to act as an intimate stable for the production talents of friends and collaborators, as a platform for their collective musical expression. Furthermore, WOW! has thrown parties to exemplify the music and friendly vibe which it produces, as well as hosting a primetime dedicated radio show every week on Ibiza Sonica determined to bring fresh music to the public ear. With a hard-working, sincere and passionate approach to electronic music, WOW! will continue to develop into the next decade, hoping to spread their Spanish house style in London and other cities, in the continual search for forward-thinking, dynamic originality in house and techno.



It’s been 11 years since founded what has been the major change in the industry since the first release?

The major change ​is​​ analog to digital​, ​that​’​s for sure​.​ ​Everything​ changed for good or bad. At that time you had to be very careful with your costs and the release schedule was not so tied as it is now that we have two releases per month. We still have some exclusive ​vinyl​ releases, but it​’​s only ​on​ special occasions.

​​How does the Barcelona underground scene differ from other European cities such as London, Amsterdam and Berlin?

Although the label started in Barcelona, we are​ based for​ half of the year in Ibiza so I will say we​’re​ not the best experts of​ the ​​underground scene​ in ​Barcelona​. Barcelona is one of Europe​’s​ cities which ​is home to a lot of international underground DJs, they all love Barcelona but not many of them play in Barcelona. The scene is not very interesting except during Sonar week and in ​the ​summer we are based in Ibiza so I can​’​t tell you much.
​​​What​ do the upcoming months look like​ for the label​?

​It looks amazing​, we have​ tracks and remixes from many cool producers such as Reelow, Danny Serrano, Cuartero, Luigi Madonna, Leftwing & Kody and many more!!