Label Focus: Urbana Recordings

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Label Focus: Urbana Recordings

Behind the label Urbana Recordings is the icon within the Spanish electronic music scene David Penn. With more than 20 years in the industry he’s made more than 200 productions and remixes for artists like Mariah Carey, Boy George, Simply Red, Masters at Work and Candi Station to name a few.

David Penn have been rewarded numerous times for Best House DJ on DJ MAG and Vicious Music Awards. We catched up with him to know more about him and his label.


What’s the most challenging thing about running your own label?

I created my label to show my music likes, I don’t release so much material as I need to love every release. This is what I say to the people who want to release on Urbana, many times I receive demos that only had drums and a bass line, many productions are unfinished for me. Every track needs to be special, with something that you can remember, something that provoke emotions…Honestly is not easy to get very good music, I can listen 100 demos every week, but most of it are “very demo”. Many people make a track in one day and send to labels few hours later. I think you have to leave the track some days, listen again, and try to test it in a club to be sure that its a special track.

Has Urbana had to adapt with the increase in popularity of streaming services and decline in downloads?

We started selling vinyls so the game has been changed a lot. Honestly the streaming its very good to promote the music but the revenue is ridiculous.

What have been the highlights for you and the label?

Well in 14 years we had a lot of good music! But maybe the biggest tracks on Urbana were Penn & Chus “Esperanza”, Penn & Jabato “El Sur”, Deux “Sun Rising Up”, Montilla “From The Stars” , David Penn “Ocean Drive (Open Your Mind)”and more recently David Penn & The Cube Guys “In The Air”, David Penn & HOSSE “Con Son”, David Penn “Those Days” and more to come!

What’s coming up in 2017 for Urbana

We are going to release David Penn & KPD “Brothers & Sisters”, and the next one is from Yass, that I previously release his track “Get Some” last year, this time is coming with a great vocal track with a remix from me. And I have collaborations for 2017 to come!!