Label Focus: Touch of Class Records

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Label Focus: Touch of Class Records

Touch of Class Records is a collaboration between Los Angeles natives, Michael Tello of PillowTalk and Ray Zuniga. Together they pay homage to their fathers’ businesses and artistic principles by sharing the same musical roots, tastes and creative vision. TOCR is a natural creation, serving as a podium for the founder’s own productions as well as providing an artistic developmental platform for a family of artists compiled through the many travels music has graciously leant.

The imprint’s sound eludes any specific genre, challenging the confined and sometimes restrictive labels associated with house or techno music. Instead, these artists compose new sounds—a true expression of the times we are all presently living which is one of eclecticism, where most everything is a disparate combination in search for harmony. Inspired by class, which in this case refers not to a perceived social division but to dedication to consistent artistic excellence, executed with style and poise, a common aesthetic and respect for a good party. The imprint brings to the electronic music scene mature sounds of true musicians and artists.

With their new compilation Indian Summer: Volume 3 releasing today we interviewed them to find our more about their label and their views on the industry.



What does of Touch Of Class look for in an artist?

Touch Of Class looks for artists who encompass the integral elements of any style or genre of music; originality, production quality, and strong songwriting skills. We highly believe in promoting original songs with vocals, lyrics, and messages that stand the test of time. This allows the listener the ability to connect with the artist and the record in a very intimate way. All of the artists on TOC constantly deliver such beautiful and deep masterpieces it makes our job easy. Signing and showcasing new talent is also a major goal. We want the music to speak for itself. These attributes are far more valuable than a large Soundcloud or Facebook following. We’re bringing it back to the origins of A&R by discovering and curating our talented family of peers and professionals who support the greater cause therefore developing an artist driven label they can all call home.

What are your thoughts on the labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?

It is the labels duty to give the artists as much push, exposure and empowerment to feel free and go with the flow of the digital age. In these millennial times it’s inevitable that people are going to stream or illegally download the music. We’ve decided to beat them to the punch and give them what they want from the label and artists by sharing high resolution, full length track previews and videos for free. You can find it all on Touch of Class Records social networks (Youtube and Soundcloud.) It’s better for a fan to listen, stream, and download from the label and the artists social profile and build these valuable resources in the process than to only focus on digital sales. If someone really loves the music and wants to play it outside of the internet then they will search and buy the song, EP or album, so it’s a win win.

How do the upcoming months look for Touch Of Class?

Our release schedule is in full swing and we are excited for our upcoming November 4th, Indian Summer: Volume Three various artist compilation. This assortment of songs features new and original music from our existing roster of talent, KMLN, Tone Of Arc, Pattern Drama, Signal Flow, Aquarius Heaven, Ominous, Shiny Objects, Finley, Elon and also introduces new additions to the TOC family, Dunmore Park, Flavio Acaron, Cameo Culture, John Camp and Greg Paulus. We have one more release before the end of the year by our friends Berkson and What who graced us with their house anthem, “On The Shelf” which is coming out as our first vinyl and digital single which features remixes by Jovonn, Roy Davis Jr., Cameo Culture and Signal Flow. Besides that we are constantly looking for talented artists to add to the family, and working on label showcases for 2017. Expect to see some new material from all the Touch Of Class artists and we’re also looking forward to debuting some full length albums in 2017.