Label Focus: Time Has Changed Records

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Label Focus: Time Has Changed Records

Time has changed it certainly has, but its also the name of the label of the French producers Acumen and Timid Boy. Celebrating their 111th release we reached out to Acumen to get to know them a bit more.

Your Labels name is Time Has Changed, Being on your 111th release and almost 10 years since founded what has been the major change in the industry since the first release?

Yes and it is already a very great pride, a beautiful achievement to have been able to last as many years. I hope that we will still live at least ten others. Everything has changed for 10 years. The way music is distributed is no longer the same. The digital format and now the streaming is essential. At the time when we went to clubs we brought vinyls to dj’s that they did not have in their bag yet. Now everything can be exchanged in a few emails. The way music was produced also changed a lot. As a producer I can finish a track on a plane or a train. It was unthinkable ten years ago. Each era has its advantages and disadvantages. The music is very easy to produce. So there is enormous output and artists. It is a bit difficult to find oneself and also to stand out from others

Being based in France how would you explain the french techno scene comparing to rest of Europe?

I do not know if there is a French peculiarity. We have a particular history with electronic music for sure. Some pioneers like Laurent Garnier have helped make this music one of the most popular in the world. I think we have been a bit late on big European capitals like Barcelona or London for years. But now French clubbing has become really high again. It only has to see the programming every weekend in Paris.

What’s your thoughts on the labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?

It is true that the customs and habits have changed in ten years when we started. We sold exclusively vinyl and we were probably doing a little less of releases. Hence most people listen to soundcloud, youtube, mixcloud playlists .. we see that it is very important in promoting an ep to have a “premiere” on a site that counts. We have that in mind. But we remain attached to the digital format. We like to work around a release as if it were physical. I think that’s important. I would have bet on the death of vinyl and we see that this object is still topical. And then the streaming is a thing for the fans but that does not have any use for the djs. the label reputation is made by them..

How does these upcoming months look like?

The months ahead are likely to be extraordinary. First because we have very beautiful releases in sight. But also because 2017 will mark the ten years of Time has changed. We prepare a nice surprise with a double compilation in May/june. The next release on Time Has Changed comes from Acumen, entitled “The Sanctuary” on December 2nd.