Label Focus: Solar Distance

Solar Distance Label Focus

Label Focus: Solar Distance

This week we are welcoming Uner`s label in our feature – a Spain based Solar Distance, which was established with a view to identifying and nurturing new talent. Solar Distance is an exciting new adventure for the award-winning artist and is inspired by deeper, more refined, harmonic and musical styles. We had a chance to talk more with Uner about his views on the EDM industry and future plans!

Do you think electronic music has already reached its peak? Or how do you think it will grow?

No I don’t think so, to be honest I think it’s starting to find a different path. I mean, we have been through kind of a “dark” time where everyone was doing loopy music, where Beatport was the main reason to do music and where artists were just focused on the charts and getting to No.1. I think everything is changing now and its going to be like a natural cleaning process, to help the music just be MUSIC once again.

What do you think is labels` role in the music industry now as more and more music is being streamed?

I think the labels should have their main focus to change all of this kind of ‘friendly music mafia’ where just your crew or industry friends are the ones who only release music on your label and vice versa. I think we need to discover new talents that bring new sounds and to not always think about our own pocket and profile but to help others develop their careers and achieve their goals.

Of course, streaming is always going to be a great platform for any new artist and label. I mean, right now anyone can show his or her music to anyone in the world in just seconds. It is easier to get feedback that way, than to send to a well-known label and perhaps never hear anything back for months. Streaming is changing the rules and the future is going to be better for everyone involved.

How do these upcoming months look for Solar Distance?

It’s going to be massive!

We have plans to release a lot of new music in forms of EP’s and albums this year, a few are from artists which are new comers and you may not have heard of before. This is an important ethos for me and for the label. We like to combine releases throughout the year from Ibiza regulars as well as bedroom producers.

The labels first album will be from a new artist ‘Scoom Legacy’ in November, as well as another EP from myself with a remix I am very excited about, and some other special gems – but you’ll have to keep your eye out on the website and FB pages for more updates!