Label Focus: Snatch! Records

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Label Focus: Snatch! Records

Snatch! Records just celebrated their 100th release with the Riva Starr & the legendary Green Velvet. To celebrate this we just had to feature them in our Label Focus.

Since 2010 Snatch! Records has released music by a diverse array of talented artists, boasting releases from the likes of; Carl Cox, Groove Armada, Matthias Tanzmann, Skream, Andrea Oliva, Davide Squillace, Santos, Romanthony, Dennis Cruz, wAFF, Richy Ahmed, Darius Syrossian, Francisco Allendes, Adam Port, &ME, Butch and Paolo Martini among others plus the label head boss himself Riva Starr.


Celebrating your 100th release what has been the one most impacted memory from running the label?

Definitely the start up when no one wanted to release with us because it was a brand new imprint. We had to “conquer” DJs trust and also build up our own sound and experience in the business. We have made a lot of mistakes but have also learnt many things.

What do you look for in artist looking to be signed at snatch!?

There are a few factors, essentially SNATCH! is my DJ bag, so it has to be something that I would play. Fresh ideas, good sounds and overall quality at high standard. In rare occasions I’ve signed a few tracks that didn’t sound quite perfect but the overall vibe was amazing so sometimes the quality of the mix can be “forgiven” because of the cool idea behind the tune. For sure, if something sounds like it has been done it’s not of any interest for us. We always look for that little tune that excites us!

What’s your thoughts labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?

Well, it’s still us who A&R the music and decide the direction so in the end the streaming is only another way of spreading the word. Saying that, we are mainly a label that release club music so DJs need to buy the digital copy if they wanna play it in the club. More than happy for the “normal” listeners to listen to our sounds through streaming websites.

How does the upcoming months look like?

Pretty busy! We are celebrating the 100th release (a collaboration between me and Green Velvet) and we are also label of the month on Beatport, then we have a few EPs coming out from established and new artists. We’re always on the hunt for the next new thing. We will also be launching a new project called SNATCH! Classics in March where we release remixes of old school house tunes… stay tuned!