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Label Focus: Regional

What made you decide to start Regional?
It started in very simple way. Murúa, Señor Chancho and El Buga, three guys from Santiago loving the tropical inspired music and the early experiments with Southern American folklore rhythms. We wanted to make something to contribute to get this sound more exposure in our country, so we began making compilations with people from all over Latin America, mixed with the few people producing this kind of music in Chile.

Later on, Álvaro Ernesto from Peru is added to our team, he has been always in charge of the mastering duties and also producing remixes and original as Tribilin Sound. So the label became a little more digital and international than expected, with releases by artists from all over the continent and beyond. This slowly helped to get more people from our country interested, we began with a small amount of local producers contributing to the compilations, now we have at least 8 solo releases from different Chilean artists.

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How does the local music scene look like?
Talking about Santiago, where we are based, the digital cumbia and neo folklore is not as solid as you might see in Lima right now, where the recent chicha and psychedelic cumbia revival led to a strong base of producers putting up the fight for traditional styles mixing them with electronic beats and underground club genres. Terror Negro, to which Tribilin Sound is also affiliated, is making waves internationally and throwing parties on regular bases.

That doesn’t mean, besides the techno and hip-hop royalty, that Santiago is strange to the tropical sounds. We are currently associating with different labels, like La Chimba Discos and Discos Pegaos, to start mixing more diversity of genres, so it wouldn’t be strange to see us joining forces and playing cumbia, folklore and tropical rhythms in downtown alternative clubs from every now and then.

How does these coming months look like for Regional?
There are remix projects by Chilean artists like Sistema Beat Andino, Estrellas Del Trópico and El Buga in the horizon. Different members of the crew are trying to start their own parties to put the label sound in constant rotation, so it enables us in the near future, to invite our friends from all over the world to show their music in the Santiago scene, fulfilling one of our main goals as a label.