Label Focus: Power Plant Records

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Label Focus: Power Plant Records

Power Plant Records is the imprint from Berlin-based Swedish DJ and producer La Fleur. Who is also a resident DJ at Watergate club in Berlin. This years the label is celebrating 5 years with a compilation of the labels artists.

What’s the most fun thing you discovered during these 5 years of Power Plant with having your own label?
freedom, to be able to decide everything from music to artwork and branching out with the music as core. Growing the fashion project Elements, exhibit illustrators who made covers for us, it all comes together, the projects nourish each other.

What’s your thoughts labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?
Labels are still kind of a selector, showcasing the music they believe in, what they think is good, new, fresh and interesting. You just have to find the labels you trust and believe in, that they will continuously deliver quality music, putting in the effort to make every track count and not just releasing whatever is the easiest quickest way.

How does these upcoming months look like for Power Plant?
Power Plant celebrates 5 Years with a VA Compilation then we have a release in November with the song Flowerhead with remixes by Dana Ruh & Cassy. Before that La Fleur will be playing at the first edition of WHY NOT Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.