Label Focus: Platino Records

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Label Focus: Platino Records

Platino Records is a Mexican electronic music label founded in 2015 by Andre VII who also is the owner of the label Sicaro Music and booker for nightclubs such as Club Social Rhodesia, Xaman and Mono in Mexico City. Presenting a new sound for Mexico & Latin America that seeks to capture the local underground.

Having recently release their compilation ‘Amulet‘ Andre VII shares his story behind the compilation when he bumped into a shaman who explained to him that he needed to open his third eye and the way he could do it was with an Amulet. After this experience he researched about the power of stones, so then he was introduced to ‘Jacinto de Compostela’, a red and beautiful quartz which according to some beliefs, allows people to get rid of bad energy and enhance people interaction. This story became the main inspiration of this compilation. Check it our on Beatport.



In your latest compilation you only have Mexican artist, what made you take that decision?

Most of the artist are Mexicans 9 out of 11, but the foreign artists we invited are really close friends that understand the culture perfectly. Never the less what we are really looking for in this compilation is to find a Mexican techno sound throughout Platino Records,  I thing this first compilation is a good exercise to find that sound, we got really good feedback and this inspire all of us.

What’s your thoughts on the Mexican electronic festival scene as BPM festival and others was not allowed to continue due to the shootings?

I personally think that decision is bullshit, because all though this terrible thing happen, I consider that was really good for Mexican economy and the electronic scene in Mexico, and for some people doing bad things, thousand of honest, workers and good and most important the music was affected for this decision. We only can look and think for the future, and Oaxaca Puerto Escondido is a good example to build a new destination in our beautiful country.

What can we expect from Platino these upcoming months?

Music from Metrika, Mijo, Theus Mago, Climbers, Niño Arbol  and another compilation finalising with my on personal EP.