Label Focus: OMB Record Label

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Label Focus: OMB Record Label

OMB Record Label is based in Bolivia is part of a larger Digital Art Collective Oi Mass Bass that started in 2006. They have regular parties in La Paz and an annual festival named Kiebre with art installations and DJ’s from around South America. Being one of the labels to look out for from South America we reached out to DJ Quien who is the label boss to find out more about the label and the local scene.



What made you decide to start OMB Label?

At some point we as a collective had a lot of production and tunes everywhere and we never knew what to do with this, so we came up to the idea of self releasing our music and try to see the impact on the local market, so we did and we love the result, we had people from Russia to Peru releasing music with us, now we are trying to get our sound to the world and try to convince new people on doing music with us too.

How does the local music scene look like?

Well I think we have new young amazing talents trying to push music forward, making new fresh sounds … and of curse tons of new kids with software, pretty much lost on this whole EDM thing trying to be the next super star´s so i guess pretty much we are like any other city / country in the world, fighting between music and selling music, witch i mean it´s all good but it should be part of it, not the main reason to do creative things, now our small local scene it´s getting attention from big name´s and label´s also we are getting more and more in magazines and thing like those… so i guess pretty soon Bolivia will have a spot on the table.

How does these coming months look like for OMB?

We are releasing a lot of new material in the next 3 months, we are also trying to get our music on vinyl, witch is like a dream to everyone but will try to do our best to make a compilation for the next year on vinyl, then some compilations with other latin american labels and maybe one or two contest and some concert´s / tours with the guys on the label.