Label Focus: Mother Recordings

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Label Focus: Mother Recordings

Founded in the intriguing area Kreuzberg of Berlin, Mother Recordings aim is to be more then a name on a cover having their own events, radioshows and merchandise. Pushing House music and Disco sounds inspired by the early days, this is definitely a label to keep your eye on!

We catched up with them to find out more about their label.

What do you look for in an artist that make it to Mother Recordings?
It´s all about crew love, passion to the music and a desire to share our vision with the people on the dance floor.



What are your thoughts about the labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?
Welcome to the 21st century! Music and industry are constantly evolving, developing, recreating and rediscovering itself so as a record company we have to keep things fresh too.
As an independent label we guess it´s important to give our fans and consumers the freedom to get music from a legal and different platforms, what really sucks are piracy and rip-offs, that destroys music and art. Mother Recordings, our brand stands for a certain type of savor, we’re definitely not another digital label, we also continue putting out vinyls! Even if it’s just to please the dinosaurs, hahaha…

How do the upcoming months look like for Mother Recordings?
Our whole team at Mother Recordings are super excited. We just officially joined the respectable Wilde Agency for label showcases from now on.
Our core team with David Keno, Dilby, Mat.Joe, Martin Waslewski, Nhan Solo and Superlover are going to be DJing together at ADE, BPM, Berlin, Zurich, Barcelona etc..
We are setting up our first shop with merchandise and skateboards – yes, right, we boys at Mother Recordings do like skateboarding a lot. 🙂

All of this is important to us and our fans are feeling it too. The feedback so far has been amazingly positive and that gives us the spur to raise the bar even higher. We got two releases we looking forward to Dibly – Leap of Faith EP which is out now and Mat.Joe Sunthphony EP (Oct 10), make sure to check them out!