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Label Focus: Motek Music

Motek Music is a label based in London with a family on all corners of the world. Having releases by artist such as Adi Shabat, Ahmet Sisman, Amber Cox, Brodanse, Casual Affair, Cari Golden, David Scuba, Discern, Eric Volta, Martin Landsky, Jonas Saalbach, Miguel Puente, SAAND, Toil & Trouble and many more.

Motek actually started out as a club event and it was after three years they decided to branch out with a label in 2014. Having three of their first seven releases featured in Beatport top 100 genre charts. From the early success they are still growing and expanding with events in various countries.

We chatted with the label owner and selected some of their latest tracks:


What do you look for in artists you sign to Motek?

We like the artists to have their own sound and some originality in what they do. Also, we like the artists with whom we get on with on a personal level, we love to get to know people before we sign them up.

What’s your thoughts label’s role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?

The role of the labels hasn’t changed, they are still a conduit for bringing the music to the fans, particularly with new, emerging artists. What has changed is that streaming provides the labels with very little revenue. It’s a real challenge and all the labels need to evolve to generate new revenue sources. It’s tough for everyone, and to run an underground label like ours you gotta do it for the love to a certain extent.

You have had events in LA to Vienna to Mauritius. How did that come about?

We have an informal network of people all over the globe, who are part of the Motek family and have helped us out to put on events worldwide. We also had parties in Oslo and Austin recently and we are planning more events in exciting new places for us!

How does the upcoming months look like?

Miyagi release has been a big success for us and a follow up is strong too, an Acid tingled melodic vocal number from New York’s Allies for Everyone with some great remixes! Beyond that, we will continue to push underground artists and move from melodic deep house/techno sounds to more minimal groove laced tracks. Look out for more releases from us, we only release what we really like, and we don’t follow flavour of the month trends!