Label Focus: MadHouse Records

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Label Focus: MadHouse Records

Back in 1992 the world-known DJ Kerri Chandler and Mel Medalie from Champion Records meet on a trip whilst visiting Todd Terry at Idler’s Studio in Brooklyn. This was the starting point of MadHouse Records.

Madhouse became predominantly an outlet for Kerri’s music, as well as tracks from his producer friends as well as tracks he came across through his extensive DJ experience. The sound of the label was rooted in Deep and Soulful House, some instrumentals but on the whole full vocal tracks.

Today it’s an influential label releasing music from across the world but still keeping to its roots with its original sound.

Currently run by label manager Simon Birkumshaw who we interviewed for this weeks Label Focus

Has the way you sign artist changed since the launch in 1992?
With the way the music industry is evolving daily and there are new artist’s, new styles & new ways in which we consume music. I would say almost certainly. The music business has change a massive amount since 92’, but although we have had to adapt and develop the label through out the years, we still try and maintain a authentic approach to House & Deep House music.

What’s your thoughts labels role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?
I think the role if a record label has changed, with people having such a huge selection available and with it being all accessible at the click of a button, record companies need to expand and take a new approach as to how they keep current and successful. Although streaming can be a scary thing for some people and other labels everyone that goes through change will experience problems, however here at Madhouse we feel it is about finding what works best for us and ensuring that our fan’s, followers & music enthusiast continue to get the very best from us.

How does these upcoming months look like for MadHouse Records?
2017 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years for a while, as mentioned previously in the answer above, the music industry is changing. People are consuming music in a new ways and have a varied taste in what they listen to. Although we will always focus on searching for and releasing quality house music. We have to understand that the industry is very different to that it was years ago. We have give the brand a full refurb, with new artwork concepts, a freshen up on the music policy not to mention raising the bar of some of the profiled artist’s we have got on board.

We are really excited to share all of the hard efforts we have been putting in over the last few months, but we are confident that by the summer Madhouse will be a label you will be hearing even more than before.