Label Focus: Lauter Unfug Muzik

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Label Focus: Lauter Unfug Muzik

We’re back with new Label Focus every friday and today we got a label from Luxembourg which we usually don’t get to hear from when it comes to electronic music, that’s why this makes it very special nontheless the music is top notch!

How would you describe the local underground scene in Luxembourg for someone wanting to visit?

The Local scene is small and pretty young. We have like 1 Club wish offers these kind of events & where promoters are able to invite international DJs. This Club is named Studio 21 and we do the management of it. We try to always keep the music in the country alive, but with this kind of music you can´t sell VIP tables here and its more something for the music lovers not to do big money with it.

So I would recommend to visit us in Luxembourg at Studio 21 ;). But the scene is growing more and more I would even say that we are waiting on the younger generation to come in since more and more Teenager are buying them new CD in the electronic music scene.

What are you thoughts on the labels role since more and more music is being streamed?

More & More people get attracted by our Music and we are really pleased to also have a Plattform for the Luxembourgish Artists. Since we are the only professional Label from Luxembourg we are happy that we get so much international support. Latest Pete Tong voted one of your Tracks in the best of 2016. Also we were already multiple times in the Top 100 Charts on Beatport and Traxsource. Also we got support from DJ Mag, Mixmag, DMC World Magazine…. and this only in 1 year of the Label work. DMC voted us as Breakthrough label 2016 wish only shows us that we have to keep going on. Our A&R Beatamines is also doing a very good job and I am sure that he will take the music onto an new level.

How does these upcoming months look like for Lauter Unfug Muzik?

Really good, we have already several EPS planned with a lot of nice Artists like: Saytek, SoKooL, Black Girl/White Girl, dotSTRIPE, Beatamines, Carlo Ruetz & Many more. We are also realy happy about some remixer we earned for some projects and also working on more showcases next year. I think that 2017 will be our Year with a lot of new adventures. We also opened our 2nd offices in Berlin where we are going to start some events at Kosmonaut & Ritterbutzke.