Label Focus: Latino Resiste

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Label Focus: Latino Resiste

Latino Resiste was founded by the producer and editor Caballo as a platform to highlight existing scenes in Latin America to newer audiences in North America & Europe. The label began with doing Free downloads Compilations and since then evolved with another sub-label called Mal Dicen for individual and more dancefloor related releases.

As we’ve are super interested in new music scenes from South America we reached out to Caballo to find out more.

What emerging music scene’s in Latin America should we keep an eye on?
There are plenty of things, Peruvian and Bolivian electronic scenes are getting more exposure which means now we can perceive all the richness of their folklore.. Salsa Choke is getting stronger outside Colombia, without any doubt we will see Reggaeton blended with Bass (whether in a moombah,twerk or bubbling approach) on a massive scale.

We first came across Latino Resiste music on Mad Decent’s blog could you give some insight on that?
I was editor for Mad Decent, which allowed me to give Latino Resiste as well as other independent labels a window through Diplo’s label. But we are not even related, and most of the music we release comes from very underground or uprising artists usually with a strong social content or musically expansive in the Latino diaspora while Mad Decent’s are more focused on charts and viralization of their music, although they are visionaries in the approach to bass music.

What’s your thoughts on the label role in the music industry as more and more music is being streamed?
Independent labels will always struggle specially in a super saturated environment. Big labels do not sign artists anymore, they sign audiences, so if you are an artist, they want to see how many twitter, IG, youtube and FB followers you have before paying attention to your music, that being said, the role of a label is to capture more followers to their rooster to see if they can capitalize on that.. our role is merely to help new artists to reach wider audiences. We always release things for free.
In reality, any artist only needs a good product at an affordable price that creates the immediate response of “I need this” in the costumer and an easy way to capitalize it, a-la paypal kind of form.

How these coming months look like for Latino Resiste?
Insane as usual, we have almost a release per week, although 90% of the names we release right now are producers who have less than 200 followers sometimes even fewer than a hundred, so we are getting deeper in the underground, with very emerging acts, instead of what we used to do, that was to capitalize on well known acts for the compilations.