Label Focus: HIVE Audio

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Label Focus: HIVE Audio

This week we interviewed the Zürich based nightclub that couple years ago expanded their brand with a label to showcase their resident DJ’s but eventually grew large enough to sign local and international DJ’s. I’m talking about HIVE Audio.


What made you expand the nightclub with a records label?
As first we wanted to create a plattform for our Residents DJs at Hive Club to spread their music and to give them a chance to Release their own Tracks. In the first 2 or 3 Years there were only like 10 Releases. At one Point we realized that we are somehow stucked and started to work with other Artists or International Guests that play regularly at Hive. But with all of them we had a long Friendship, which is very important to us. Meanwhile we have a very solid artist roster with Animal Trainer, Dario D’attis, Sabb, Jimi Jules, Reto Ardour, Manuel Moreno, Smash TV to name a few.

How has the imprint label helped the nightclub and vice-versa?
The Club helped the Label a lot when we started, because Hive Club was already established and well known. Meanwhile its also the other way round. People are listening to releases on Hive Audio and Discover the club then. Its a win-win situation 🙂

On your FB page it says HIVE Audio is the new international platform for new artists in Zurich. What do you look for in an artist who might want to release through you?
At first: he (or she) must be cool as fuck and down with us. And we really have to love the music. Sometimes we also sign artists we never met before but the music gives us a strong feeling that the person behind must be cool. But mostly it’s the other way. It starts with friendship or a good night in the club together.

How does these coming months look like?
We rearranged the label a bit. We got Dario D’attis and Sabb on board doing the label with us (Animal Trainer). We want to focus more on our core artists in the near future and push the label more on an international level. But we are always open for unknown acts and fresh talents!!

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