Label Focus: On Edge Society [Playlist]

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Label Focus: On Edge Society [Playlist]

On Edge Society is a record label located in Toronto and owned and run by Carlo Lio. First out of our Label Focus concept where we let labels showcase their top tracks while we ask them a couple of questions.

How do these upcoming months look for your label?

The label has been doing well over the past while with many quality eps and remixes from some amazing techno artists from Marco Faraone, Ilario Alicante, Nikola Gala, Roberto, Andre Kronert, Truncate, Dustin Zahn, Regal, Hyperactive to name a few. In the next months we have a bomb EP coming from the Italian duo REFORM, who have been putting out some serious techno. So we are happy to have them on board. It will also include a bomb remix from one of our main artists Nikola Gala.

Do you think electronic music has already reached its peak? Or how do you think it will grow?

I think electronic music is peaking but def. not hit its peak. I think we are going to see much more growth over the next few years and a shift in genres also. We are lucky to have got this far. I’m sure nobody would have ever thought we would even get here. So I think will be surprised once again.

What do you think is labels role in the music industry now as more and more music is being streamed?

-Well, as electronic music grows. We will now get a lot of the garbage that comes with growth. A lot of clutter if you will. People making music that shouldn’t be, or people releasing music that are not ready. Everyone starting a label because its become to easy to. So our job as a serious label is to stay true to the quality of our product and what we decide to release to the world. We know what style we are releasing and which artist we want to compliment the labels direction. This is something most labels don’t do today. They release to release. They do not create a memorable catalogue.

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